ZH&XJ Badminton Driving lesson Ep. 19 part 1 Footwork as well as relocating to the rears & Around the Head try


Episode 19 part 1 is about the best ways to relocate to the rear ends of the court. Personally, I believed this episode wasn’t that great as Train Jian Hua really did not truly give a lot technological specifics like he performed in the various other videos. Never ever the less, keep the adhering to suggestions in mind when striking shots that are at the edges of the court.

1) Offered a choice to utilize back hand or around the head forehand shot, use around the head, considering that it is a lot more efficient (more powerful), and also less complicated to do.

I think that’s truly simply it … lol. There had not been a great deal of great stuff in part 1 of this episode, but instead do not hesitate to talk otherwise. You could comment listed below in the comment part concerning what you learn or discovered interesting in this video that I really did not.

Time for part 2 of episode 19.

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